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The Ancient Siam Civilization of

Wat Lokaya Sutharam

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Wat Lokaya Sutharam was our first impression of Ayutthaya 's many temples. It is known for it's 29 meter long reclining Buddha image. Actually, the sign next to the temple claims it is 42 meters long and the booklet they sell in Ayutthaya reads 37 meters. In Thailand they will probably say "same same".

However long, it is a huge reclining Buddha and similarly huge must have been the dimensions of the Viharn and the Ubosot of which only the foundation can be seen today. The Prang is still standing, which is the only indication that this temple dates back to the early Ayutthaya period. Another curiosity about this reclining Buddha image is that the Thai Alcoholic Beverage Factory paid for the renovation cost in A.D. 1954.

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