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Wat Senasanaram Rajaworawiharn

Wat Senasanaram

Visiting Wat Senasanaram failed several times for us, since we could not find it on two occasions. We were finally really happy to find it on the north side of the old island of Ayutthaya's ancient city. However, we felt a bit out of place here. It seems that Wat Senasanaram is used by rich people to make merit and to get their funeral organized. "Normal" visitors seem to be completely ignored if not run over by a monk who quickly runs into the Ubosot in order to "serve" some rich people for a ceremony. Sorry for the harsh comments here, but this is how we felt. We were hardly even able to pay our respect to the Buddha. Otherwise a beautiful temple with a reclining Buddha image and the beautiful seated image of Phra Sambuddha Munee (below).

  Wat Senasanaram

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