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Wat Phutthai Sawan

Wat Phutthai Sawan

The white Khmer-style Prang of Wat Phutthai Sawan is visible from far, specially when taking the boat around the island of Ayutthaya. It is also a very busy temple being visited by both Thai and non-Thai visitors. The temple is a mix of old ruined buildings and modern temple buildings. The Phra Ubosot contains three large Buddha images, the main one being Luang Pho Dam. Make sure you place your shoes right on the lower level of the stairs going into the Ubosot, because some of the temple employees will kick them into every direction, if you don't. Behind the Ubosot is the white Prang with the cloister and a ruined Viharn with a reclining Buddha image. 

  Luang Phor Dam

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