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Wat Kluay

Wat Kluay

Wat Kluay or Gluay is a temple whose sign we had seen every time we come to Ayutthaya , but never had time to stop. So, thanks to the Peoples Alliance for Democracy who blocked the airport in November 2008, I had plenty of time to walk around in the ancient city of Ayutthaya to tick off my long list of temples :-)

The temple has been built in 1657 A.D. and is still an active temple today. A monk entered the Ubosot with us to conduct a brief prayer for us and to answer any questions about the temple. The main Buddha image is located in the old Ubosot, while there are more images in the large sala building to the side. Remains from ancient Buddha images which had been destroyed by the Burmese can be seen to the side of the wall of the Ubosot. 

  Wat Kluay

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