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Wat Luang Phor Khao

Luang Phor Khao

Wat Luang Phor Khao was far off our planned route to visit temples in Ayutthaya. We were back to believing that this trip here was just a time-filler by our tuk tuk driver, besides being on a shake and bake tour over dusty and unpaved roads. It was after all a small village temple where local people come to make merit and pray for their wishes to be fulfilled. Luang Phor Khao is a white Buddha statue which is flanked by several others and at the time of our visit they were not covered by any structure. Most of what our tuk tuk driver whispered to us, we didn't understand but from his looks and gestures we believe that there are lots of legends and magic around Luang Phor Khao. 

  Luang Phor Khao

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