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The Ancient 

City of Kamphaeng Phet and Nakhon Chum

 Wat Phikun

Wat Phikun

Wat Phikun is a small temple on the western side of the river. No significant buildings where here, but at the time of our visit in 2007, the temple had plans to build a new Ubosot. The temple was actively engaged in finding funds, sadly even selling (well, in Thailand "renting" it's Buddha statues). Our real interest however was for the old brick chedi, located next to the temple. We were not sure it was actually part of the temple or a separate old one. According to our maps it could be Wat Mong Kale, but we could not confirm this.  Today it is overgrown with bushes and not really accessible, unless one is willing to meet some snakes. 

Wat Phikun

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