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Wat Ratcha O-Rot

Even further to the South in Klong Dan is Wat Ratcha O-Rot or in it's full name Wat Raja Orasaram Rajaworawihan, a Temple built in the early 19th Century.  It is lined by Chinese figures and statues and has a large reclining Buddha image in one of the larger halls. Originally on this site stood Wat Chomthong, but it was renovated and renamed in a 14 year effort after a boek khlon thawan ceremony was held here in order to prepare troops for the invading Burmese army. We visited Wat Ratcha O-Rot in 2001 as one of the first temples and re-visited it in 2008. On our second visit we were able to get the Ubosot opened for us so we could pay our respect to the wonderful statue of Phra Buddha Anatakhun Adulyabophit, a Bangkok-style image ordered to be built by Rama III. 

Wat Ratcha O-Rot

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