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Wat Khao Takiap 

Big standing Buddha at the foot of Wat Khao Takiap 

The more famous hill south of Hua Hin, Khao Takiap , is located right on the beach. A busy dirt road leads up to a hilltop temple, Wat Khao Takiap. On Sundays the traffic backs up all they way from the top of the hill to the main road and creates a huge traffic chaos. Khao Takiap is covered with small pagodas and shrines and more will be build soon, if I interpreted the busy activities with collecting donations correctly. Incense sticks were barely lit when they were removed and thrown into the trash to make space for new ones. I felt like being in a fast food restaurant. Quieter, but still busy is the 17 meter high standing Buddha image in the ‘calming the ocean’ posture on the foot of the hill.

Big standing Buddha image at Wat Khao Takiap 

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