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Wat Yai Intharam

Updated 2008: Located in the crowded old town of Chonburi , Wat Yai Intharam dates back to 1412 during the Ayutthaya   period. The Ubosot is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and Thai art. the mural paintings cover all the walls of the Ubosot and depict stories of the ten previous lives of Buddha as well as local scenes. Several seated Buddha images are located on the altar of the building with four images forming a line down from the main image facing the worshipper.

Unfortunately most visitors will never be able to experience this grandiose temple since it is almost always closed. We tried to visit countless times until we finally met a friendly nun who told us to come back yet again on Buddha day. In our opinion a temple should be open for the worshippers who want to pay their respect to the Buddha image. However most visitors will only see locked doors and only enjoy the beautiful china decorations and windows on the outside. 

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