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Wat Tham Yai Phrik

This temple sits high on the ridge of the island of Koh Si Chang. After speaking to the venerable Lord Abbot of the temple we got our private tour through the temple compound, the monks huts, the Ubosot, and the hermits caves which are now used for meditation by the monks. At the temple live equal numbers of monks and nuns.  That was the first interesting learning. The other was that the temple has it's own garden with vegetables because many of the monks are vegetarians, unlike in other temples in Thailand. All the water here is carefully collected and stored in underground caves. When we visited the temple just completed the construction of a building for western students. Very beautiful setting and many of the buildings have been erected for the time in the future, when the Lord Abbot dies. At the time of our visit, he was very lively and was happily talking with us. 

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