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Wat Chanasongkhram 

Phra Ubosot of Wat Chanasongkhram

The full name of the temple is Wat Chanasongkhram Rajaworamahaviharn. It is probably the only temple many Western people will see, since it is located just opposite of the famous Khao San Road in Bangkok. This is probably also the reason why there is a sign at the entrance, which reminds travelers to be dressed appropriately and not to enter the temple with shorts. Inside the Ubosot is a famous Buddha image called "Phra Buddha Norasee Trilokachet Mahetthisak Puchaniyachayantakhodom Boromsasada Anaworayan", but I don't think you will ever have to refer to that name.  It is associated with Bangkok since it's foundation. The name of the temple means "Victory in War" and is easily confused by non Thai speakers with "Songkran" the watersplashing festival in April.

Phra Buddha Norasee Trilokachet

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