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Wat Rakhang

 Wat Rakhangkhositaram Woramaviharn is an ancient temple. It was founded during the Ayuthaya period. Initially an ancient bell was found in the temple, thus the name Wat Rakhang (rakhang = bell in Thai language). The bell was since removed to Wat Phra Kaeo. The name of the temple has also been changed officially to Wat Rajakhanthiyaram (khanthi meaning the same as "bell"). This is a temple of meditation. Several important Buddha images are located on the temple grounds. The most important one being Phra Prathan Yim Rap Fa (smile in welcome). Also noteworthy are the many murals inside the Phra Ubosot. An old Tripikata Hall has been opened as a small museum. It contains beautifully and elaborately decorated book cases for the scriptures.

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