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Wat Phra Non

Another quiet temple in Phrae, the temple of the reclining Buddha. The image is located in a seperate building behind the Ubosot, next to the chedi.  The building doesn't have any windows but rather slim openings called "chong lom".  The style here is influenced by the Tai Lue, which we saw later north of Nan extensively. A beautiful seated Buddha image can be found in the old Ubosot, flanked by two smaller images. Wat Phra Non is also known for a local group of people who produce excellent items made from 100% silver. Their workshop is located right next to the temple and their items can be purchased in the back of the temple. 

 Across from the  temple is Ban Vongburi, a well kept wooden house. We talked a bit with the owner of the house and learned some interesting facts about the house and the history of the family. 

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