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Wat Phra Bat Ming Muang

Another temple in the city of Phrae. Initially it consisted of two separate temples which were joined in 1949. It is now a royal temple. The smaller 18th century Laotian-style Ubosot was closed due to a special ceremony for the monks when we visited in 2005. The larger Viharn was open and we were able to pay our respect to the beautiful Buddha statue of Phra Buddha Kosai Sirichai Maha Sakayamuni. A footprint of Lord Buddha is said to have been at the entrance of a cave, which was here before the temple was built on it. Now the footprint, which is over 600 years old, is kept inside the Mondop building. On our second visit in 2007 we engaged in a long talk with a senior monk inside the Viharn and we experienced one of the most extensive personal merit making prayers, we ever had throughout Thailand's temples. 

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