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Wat Phaya Wat

Mon-style chedi of Wat
Phaya Wat

This is a temple which is located on the outskirts of Nan. The Mon-style chedi is a copy of the one at Wat Ku Kut in Lamphun. During our first visit in 2004 there wasn't much of a building around the main Buddha image, which had changed quite a bit in 2007, when the entire  building had been finshed with nice paintings above the windows. We spoke with a painter from Chiang Mai who just painted the windows with gold leaves. The only Buddha image here is Phra Chao Naikong in Haripunchai-style, which is sitting inside a beautifully decorated altar (the iron bars were gone in 2007). Behind the chedi are other ruins of old structures as well as parts of the old Nan city wall. 

Phaya Wat

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