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Wat Kiri Wong on Kao Dawa Deong 

Wat Kiri Wong on Kao Dawa Deong

I have to admit, that I had the name of this temple wrong for over a year. This was due to the information given to me by friends who live in Nakhon Sawan and it is also proof of the fact that unless it is someone's own local temple, nobody really knows much about the other temples or their names. Another factor which complicates the matter even further is that temples have multiple names, ancient names or abbreviated names. So, this here is NOT Wat Woranat Banphot! But it is also on a hill in Nakhon Sawan. It also has a huge Buddha image overlooking the city. It also can be reached by car or through a long stairway and also has a great view over the city and (I think a replica of) one of Buddhas's Footprints. Sometimes it takes three visits to Nakhon Sawan to get it right! In 2004 I went back to Wat Kiri Wong for the 3rd time. This time to show it to a Thai friend myself - a new experience for me. The pagoda on the hill had now been renovated and was open. Inside it featured copies of four highly revered Buddha images of Thailand like Phra Buddha Chinaraj of Phitsanulok, Luang Phor Wat Rai Khing of Nakhon Pathom and others. 

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