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Wat Pa Khao Pan 

Wat Pha Khao Pan

Wat Pa Khao Pan was built in 781 A.D. and features a beautiful chedi with standing Buddha images. The Phra Ubosot has a pair of elephants in front next to the naga balustrades that remind more of a theme park than a temple. The gable of the building is in Lanna-style and inside the temple is the image of Phra Chao Thanjai a Lanna-style image. The larger Buddha image with amazing red lips in the back is also an interesting image but it takes a bit away from the main image. The temple stands along the river and crossing the street allows great views onto the Maekong and into Laos. Down the road are market stands, which offer everything from shoes to fruits made in China.  

Wat Pha Khao Pan

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