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Wat Tha Chaisiri 

Ubosot of Wat Tha Chaisiri

Wat Tha Chaisiri is in the village of Ban Lad, just south of Petchaburi. We visited the temple twice in 2005 to see Phra Ruang, a standing Buddha image of the late Lopburi period.  At that time we only found the temple locked, so in 2006 we asked for help in the office and found some very friendly people who showed us around the temple and gave us a private opportunity to pay our respect to Phra Ruang. We then also did a special ceremony in the temple for my birthday with the abbot of Wat Tha Chaisiri. It is a very special place to visit on the side of the road to the south.  

Wat Tha Chaisiri

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