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Wat Mani Banphot Worawihan

Burmese Buddha Image

Wat Mani Banphot is located in the City of Tak, next to the lake. There are two beautiful Buddha images in this temple. A burmese-style image made of marble in the small teak-wood building next to the Ubosot and Phra Saen Thong, a Chiang Saen-style image in the Phra Ubosot. This image can only be seen on Buddhist religious days, also called "wan phra".  We tried twice in the years past and were finally lucky enough in 2007 to get the doors opened for us to pay our respect to Phra Saen Thong and the other Buddha statues in the otherwise un-decorated Ubosot.  

Chedi at Wat Mani Banphot

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