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Wat Simnago

Phra Kaeo Busakam

A big temple on the road from Kuchinarai to Khao Wong in the North-East of Kalasin. We undertook 3 trips up here to visit the temple and most importantly see the Buddha statue of Phra Kaeo Busakam, located in the beautiful Ubosot. Unfortunately on the first two trips in 2006 the abbot of the temple had the key with him and had to leave for a funeral, so we could not see the image. As with so many other temples, it just meant we had to come back, which we did in 2007 during the Rocket Festival. The abbot had a lot of time for us and we had a long and private opportunity to pay our respect to the beautiful Buddha image. Between our visits the temple had also torn down the old museum and opened a new one on the side of the Ubosot. 

Wat Simnago

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