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Wat Sri Muang

Wat Sri Muang

Wat Sri Muang is located right next to the border market of Nong Khai and as such very busy. All the tourists march through it or use it as a parking lot. Main reason to visit Wat Sri Muang is to see the standing statue of Phra Chai Chetha. Unfortunately the temple was locked and the abbot gone with the key all day during our first visit in 2007. So, we took an effort and went all the way back to Nong Khai in 2008, when we were told that the Ubosot is closed. However, we got lucky and the abbot opened it for us. Besides the standing Buddha is a beautiful seated Buddha image called Luang Phor Sri Mueang. The walls of the Ubosot display many of the important chedis around Thailand as well as paintings from important monks.  

Statue outside of Wat Sri Muang

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