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Wat Tham Chiang Dao

Wat Tham Chiang Dao

Wat Tham Chiang Dao was the main reason for us to undertake the long drive north from Chiang Mai to the border country with Myanmar. The temple and the cave behind it are important buddhist places for people in Northern Thailand. The old viharn of the temple contains a beautiful large Buddha image. There are also some more buildings which have been added recently. The Chiang Dao cave system is huge and said to continue up to 14 km into the Doi Chiang Dao mountain. In several of the caves are Buddhist statues and sculptures of Burmese-style. While there is some light in some of the caves, a local guide with lamps should be rented. It is an important source of income for the women of the village who all share this guide work. 

Chiang Dao Cave

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