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Wat Phosri

Wat Pho Sri

Wat Phosri would have been one of the hightlights on our trip through Nakhon Phanom province for it's important Buddha image called Phra Thong. Unfortunately the temple buildings were all locked and nobody in sight to get them opened when we visited in 2007. So, we went back in 2008 and were able to pay our respect to Phra Thong. Even though the beautiful Buddha image is now placed behind bars and a thick security glass, every step we took inside the pavilion was watched like we wanted to steal the Buddha. It is very sad to see how the market for stolen Buddha images is impacting regular worshippers in the temples today. Besides that the watchful monk was not very friendly either, which would have enabled us to show our true interest. As long as every visitor to the temple is treated as a potential thief it is better to keep the pavilion locked and open it only upon request or place the Buddha in a museum. 

Wat Pho Sri

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