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Wat Srithep Praditharam

Wat Srithep

Wat Srithep Praditharam was definitely a highlight of Nakhon Phanom. We had to visit twice on one day, because there was a ceremony being held inside the Phra Ubosot which was off limits to laymen (yes, that can happen sometimes). It gave us enough time to visit the other buildings though, especially the museum to the side of the Ubosot. The impressive Ubosot itself is covered with an equally impressive wall and the inside features beautiful mural paintings, showing the life of Lord Buddha. Most importantly though, the temple houses the Lan Chang Buddha image, called Phra Saeng. It has been crafted at the same time as the other important Buddha images like Phra Sai and Phra Suk, which were all initially installed in Viantiane, Laos. The image had not been in this temple from ancient times but had been found in a remote location. 

Wat Srithep

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