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Wat Ban Krang

Uthong Buddha statue

Wat Ban Krang was the complete opposite to Wat Prow before. Both Ubosot and Viharn were open so we were able to pay our respect to the Buddha statues inside. Both buildings are over 450 years old and were built during the Ayutthaya period. The principal Buddha image in the Ubosot is an image from the U-Thong Dynasty, while the revered image in the Viharn is called Luang Phor Kaew. Next to the scenic river front is a white "floating" Chedi which was once in the middle of the river. The Abbot of the temple explained to us the importance of this temple and the legend of the famous Pra Khun Paen Buddha image, which is a small twin Buddha image, which is highly valued and of which not many are left today. We even met someone from southern Thailand who came up here to "rent" images.

Wat Ban Krang

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