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Wat Pho Si Nai

Wat Pho Si Nai

One typically doesn't go to Wat Pho Si Nai on purpose. It is rather a side stop on the way to Ban Chiang, a tiny village in the middle of Isan, which was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1992. The area here has been inhabited since 3800 B.C. The national museum shows reconstructed pottery and tells the story of the excavations. However, Wat Pho Si Nai shows the excavation pits, where skeletons and artifacts can be seen. With all the focus on the excavation, many forget to see the buildings of the temple. The ordination hall was built over 100 years ago and houses a Buddha image of the subduing-mara-posture.

Excavations at Wat Pho Si Nai

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