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Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang Worawihan

Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang

Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang Worawihan is a famous temple in Kanchanaburi. Many Kings have made pilgrimages here to visit a long piece of stone which is now covered with a blanket and looks like a bed. According to the legend the Buddha has slept and passed away on this stone. There is also a nice Ubosot to the side, whose doors normally remain closed due to the dust coming from the nearby sugar production site. It has beautiful mural paintings inside as well as one seated Buddha image. To the side of it in another Viharn, which serves also as a Museum, is a huge statue of Phra Sangkachai, the Thai version of the happy Buddha. On the top of the nearby hill is another Viharn with a footprint. 

Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang

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