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Wat Phra That Renu Nakhon

Wat Phra That Renu Nakhon

In the small village of Renu Nakhon, just across the border of Laos, the Chedi (or Thaat) has the same basic characteristics as the Chedi of That Phanom, but is smaller. On our visit it was undergoing a badly needed restoration with the monks (or novices) working high up on the scaffolding. When visiting this temple one is overwhelmed by the amount of Lao merchants, trying to sell Whiskey, even though the signs forbid it. 

We came back to Wat Phra That Renu Nakhon several times in the following years. Last time in May 2008 and the Phra That always seemed to be worked on. Twice it just looked like a construction zone and there were not too many worshippers at the temple. We were told that things "were not right" in the temple and that donations went into some obscure channels. 

Chedi at Wat Phra That Renu Nakhon

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