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Wat Plup

Phra Prang pagoda

Wat Plup is an interesting temple amongst the hills and villages to the west of Chantaburi province. We were visiting during the rainy season and tried to beat an approaching storm, so we rushed from building to building with a friendly employee of the temple. Most interesting is the old wooden Viharn which contains an interesting selection of Buddha images. One statue showing Buddha in indian style and almost starved to death. In a small pond stands the pagoda of Phra Chedi Klang Nam while closer to the Ubosot stands the pagoda named Phra Prang. Despite the heavy rain we were invited to a rare ceremony with the village people called Ngan Te Grachat where, after the monks finished praying, food is given out to the poor people of the village from a large and decorated wooden platform. A very special moment for us to observe. 

Wooden Viharn

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