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Wat Bunnak Rakkitaram

Wat Bunnak

Also located in the center of Nakhon Nayok stands Wat Bunnak Rakkitaram. We actually confused a large seated Buddha image at the temples entrance for the important Buddha to visit. However this one was in the middle of a sporting complex. The important Buddha Luang Phor Sian Nakhon is a bit hard to find and only a small sign told us finally where it is. Luang Phor Sian Nakhon is an ancient image dating back to the Sukhothai period. Actually, only the Buddha's head was found in A.D. 1952 and later placed on a specially crafted Buddha image. Given the importance of this image, we were surprised that no worshippers at all were at the temple. 

Luang Phor Sian Nakhon

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