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Wat Prommanee

Luang Phor Pak Daeng

Wat Prommanee was a temple we visited for the beautiful and old Buddha statue of Luang Phor Pak Daeng, a Lan Chang-style image (seated here behind the Emerald Buddha statue). It's a highly revered Buddha statue seated in the Ubosot. In 2008 when we visited, the temple was overrun by people who chose to lay inside a coffin while the monks prayed for good luck. Outside the building where this happens, people line up and wait for "their turn". The Buddha image is printed and sold on coffee cups, T-Shirts and all kinds of other merchandise which caused us to leave. Even when we asked for the price of the small Buddha amulets we were told they cost 8000 Baht, which is an insane amount of money for the normal Thai person. Visiting this important temple left us with a bit of a bad aftertaste.

Wat Prommanee

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