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Wat Khong Kha

Luang Phor Sila Daeng

We dedicate this page to the many victims of the political unrest in Bangkok of October 2008. 

Wat Khong Kha was actually a recommendation of my driver in Thailand who had visited here before. The temple was built in 2370 B.E. which made it more than 180 years old (in 2008). The temple is located near the Khlongs and feeding the fish is part of merit making at the temple. Inside the old Ubosot is the statue of Luang Phor Sila Daeng, an old Buddha image in Sukhothai-style, which dates back to the Ayutthaya period. This was the very first temple in Thailand where I have seen price labels on the Buddha images. The background to that is that the temple needs to raise funds to built a new building, hence they are "renting" (buddha images are not sold but rented in the Thai system) some of their images. 

Khlong at Wat Khong Kha

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