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Wat Mai Amataros

Wat Bang Khun Prom

Locally known as Wat Bang Khun Prom, Wat Mai Amataros lies hidden between small Sois which are cut off by the up and down ramp of Rama VIII bridge. It is an ancient temple which dates back to the King of Thonburi. The temple is quite famous for it's amulets, the so-called Somdet Wat Bang Khun Prom amulet. Somdet Phuttajan (To) had these amulets created and stored inside the chedi in B.E. 2415 (A.D. 1872). Consequently those amulets are being traded with sky high prices today and are quite rare. Even amulets from later years like B.E. 2531 (A.D. 1988) cost several times what other amulets go for. However, it is one of the most sought after amulets in the Kingdom of Thailand . A statue of Somdet Phuttajan (To) is located behind the Ubosot.

Somdet Phuttajan (To)

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