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Wat Analayo Thippayaram

Wat Analayo

A huge temple located to the west of the city, across the lake. We were really overwhelmed at the amount of buildings and Buddha statues we found at this temple which spreads out over three hills with some areas being closed off to the normal visitor. We got lucky and had a personalized tour which took several hours. The temple has it's own festival which is when it is really crowded, specially at the Bodgaya-style pagoda. There are so many buildings in various styles, some being located inside a small pond, some hidden between the trees but all are very interesting to visit. A golden Buddha image is securely locked away behind security glass and the temple, given it's size, has it's own security personnel. On another hill stands the huge statue of Phra Buddha Leela which is also the location of a palace of H.M. The King and a housing complex for the Supreme Patriarch.

Phra Buddha Leela

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