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Wat Phra That Si Maha Pho

Wat Sri Maha Pho

Driving further into the town of Thoeng in Chiang Rai we reached Wat Phra That Si Maha Pho. It is an old temple with a chedi and an Ubosot up on the hill while the Viharn lies to the foot of the staircase. 

We experience something at this temple which we never had during our long years of temple visits in Thailand - the presiding monk ran out of the Viharn, leaving a local worshipper behind, asking us for money. Even when we entered the building, he did not even let us pay our respect the Buddha but held his begging bowl right in front of our faces interupting our prayer until we put money in. This made us leave the temple without even looking around any further and with a really unpleasant feeling. Hence we do not recommend to go there. We were even debating putting it up on this web site but finally agreed to put it up as a warning for other visitors. 

Wat Sri Maha Pho

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