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Wat Phra Maha That Woramahawihan

Wat Phra Maha That

Wat Phra Maha That Woramahawihan was the first temple we visited in Nakhon Si Thammarat since it is the most important temple in the South. The impressive white chedi in Sri Vichai-style dates back to the 13th century and contains a sacred relic from Sri Lanka. Disappointingly for us, the temple is more a museum than a temple, charges entrance fees for foreigners and most of it's Buddha images are in the museum part, where photography is not allowed. The Phra Viharn Luang (below) contains a large Ayutthaya-style Buddha image called Phra Sri Sakyamuni. Several other important images include a standing Ayutthaya-style image of Phra Phuay and a copy of Phra Buddha Sihing. Actually, we had several discussions with people in the province who had very different views regarding where Phra Buddha Sihing originated from and where the original is now located. 

Wat Phra Maha That

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