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Lak Mueang Nakhon Si Thammarat

Lak Mueang

While the Lak Mueang is not a temple, it is of great significance for the respective city it is in. Every big city in Thailand has a Lak Mueang. This one here is famous for it's Jatukam Ramathep images along the walls. It originates from Wat Maha That where it represents the two images to the side of the stairway going up to the Chedi. They protect the Buddha's relics. A few years back there was quite market in Thailand for Jatukam talisman images and many temples thought they had to create their own images in order to raise funds. As for us, writing this web site, we are Buddhists and not Jatukamists. 

Lak Mueang

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