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Wat Apai Patikaram

Wat Apai Patikaram

At least one time per year we try to go to Wat Sothorn in Chachoengsao province to pay our respect to Phra Buddha Sothorn. Usually on the way back we try to visit some other temples in the area which brought us to Wat Apai Patikaram in June 2009. An interesting temple which one might identify as a Chinese temple rather than a Thai temple. Indeed it is a Mahayana temple which is a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese influences. The huge Buddha image,  Luang Phor To is also called Phr Trai Rattana Nayok or Chao Pho Sam Po-Kong by Chinese worshippers is the main image in the assembly hall. There are only two other images which are similar and which we also visit frequently, one is Wat Kalayanimit in Thonburi/Bangkok as well as Wat Phananchoeng in Ayutthaya. 

Luang Phor To

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