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Wat Makutkasattriyaram Rajaworaviharn

Wat Makutkasat

Wat Makutkasat had long been on our list to visit but we had always just driven by until May 2009 when we planned to visit three important temples in Bangkok (this one and the following two). We were lucky as the temple was open and we attended the morning prayer with the monks. The name of the temple comes from the founder of the temple, King Mongkut, or Rama IV.  The presiding Buddha image in the Viharn is Phra Buddha Wachiramakut, a beautiful Bangkok-style image. Wat Makutkasat is one of the temples which was built following the tradition of Ayutthaya, where temples are built along the canals around the city. Our visit during the morning prayer was a great start of a perfect day and for visiting our 998th temple. 

 Wat Makutkasat

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