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Wat Thewaraj Kunchorn Woraviharn

Wat Thewaraj

Our main reason to visit Wat Thewaraj was to see the main Buddha image Phra Buddha Thewaraj Patimakorn and what we intended to be a quick visit turned into a full day at the temple. If there is such a thing as a "role model temple" then Wat Thewaraj would fall into this category. That is also the reason why we chose this particular temple as our 999th temple to be included on chimburi.com. 

All of the temple buildings were open and in perfect condition.  We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the main Buddha image, which dates back to the Dvaravadi period and the mural paintings inside the Phra Ubosot. Behind it is the Viharn with 9 Buddha images given by the Crown Prince. A museum tells more about the temple and it's history and contains Buddha's relics from Sri Lanka as well as sculptures of all eighteen supreme patriarchs. During our visit, the venerable abbot of the temple invited us to the temple festival a few days later, which featured traditional dances, theater and a light and sound show.

Wat Thewaraj

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