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Wat Rajathiwas Rajaworaviharn

Wat Rajathiwas

For our 1000th temple on these pages we picked a very special temple. Wat Rajathiwas Rajaworaviharn was the third of three special temples we visited in May 2009. We wanted to pay our respect to the presiding Buddha image Phra Sam Buddha Phanee (Jamlong) but realized that the temple was closed. So we just admired the Khmer-style outside of the temple buildings. However, choosing this temple as the first one to re-visit for our 10th anniversary of visiting the Kingdom of Thailand in September 2009, we were granted permission by the venerable abbot of the temple to photograph the inside of the Phra Ubosot. Furthermore was I invited to participate in a special ceremony that day including some senior monks and high-ranking officials affiliated with this very temple. This is also the reason why I decided not to show any images of the inside of the Ubosot. 

The presiding Buddha image was cast by Rama V as a copy of the Phra Sam Buddha Phanee image, which was cast during Rama IV's monk hood in this temple. The murals on the temple's walls are some of the most breathtaking paintings I have ever seen in my 10 years of visiting Thai temples. They are done in European fresco technique, showing Lord Buddha's previous incarnations. 

Wat Rajathiwas

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