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The Ancient 

City of Wiang Kum Kam

Wat Ku Khao

Wat Hua Nong

Wat Phan Lao

Wat Kum Kam

Wat Ku Ailan

Wat That Noi

Wat Kanthom/Chiang Kam

Wat Chedi Liam





Wiang Kum Kam is located between Chiang Mai and Lamphun. It is believed that it was built by the first king of the Manrai Dynasty, who was the founder of the Lanna Kingdom in A.D. 1286. 42 historical monuments inside and outside of the historical city were identified, most in ruins today of which not much remains, except for two temples which are in active use. Many of the historical temples consisted of a Viharn and a Chedi, surrounded by a wall. Today the monuments are spread out in a developed area surrounded by houses. A good way to explore is by bycicle, which can be rented at Wat Chang Kam. At this temple is also a small visitor area displaying Thai rural lifestyle and horse carriages, which offer a nice way to explore the area. At Wat Chedi Liam is the start and ending point of larger shuttle busses, which offer tours through Wiang Kum Kam. Wiang Kum Kam is not as touristy and developed as Ayutthaya, Sukhothai or Sri Satchanalai in the central provinces, but offers a nice cultural day trip from Chiang Mai and or Lamphun.

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